International Conference

Dear authors and friends,

Thank you for your kind contribution to the International Conference of IIW 2017. We are happy to inform that your submitted manuscripts have been accepted by the conference, and we invite you to submit your Camera-ready manuscripts, two-page abstracts or Poster presentations to before 20 May, 2017.

Currently, we have accepted more than 420 manuscripts from more than 20 countries. In order to prepare a high quality proceedings, it is important to ensure that your manuscript must follow the template style.
1) If full papers were submitted, please ignore this unless making any changes. 
2) If you have difficulties to submit full paper, two-page abstract is acceptable, see “Template 2 for two-page Abstract Submission”.
3) If your paper is accepted as Post presentation, please prepare a one page poster, see “Template 3 for Poster Presentation”. Please print and post it on assigned location by yourself. 

We are looking forward seeing you in Shanghai!

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance. If you have any question, please feel free to let us know.

Best regards,

Prof. Zhiling Tian 
Chair, Organizing Committee of International Conference (IIW 2017)
Vice General Manager, China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group
Vice President, Chinese Welding Society

(1)  Template 1 for camera-ready manuscripts submission to download


(2)  Template 2 for two-page abstract submission to download


(3)  Template 3 for poster presentation to download


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